Tuesday, August 26, 2008

over due, over view photo's

It seems I have not posted over view photos of the veggie garden since June I think. Now photo quality is hampered by the use of a Fuji point & shot due to the D40 being in Nova Scotia with my Sister. Boy is it annoying taking a bunch of photos with half of them fuzzy and the rest washed out & not overly clear. Anyhow, here we go:

Tomatoes & Pumpkin vines. There are 3 pumpkins growing on 2 vines, two of them are defiantly a pie pumpkin but one is looking like it may grow to be a large pumpkin.

Cucumbers climbing to the second floor. The lower vines have almost lost all there leaves but I am still able to pick a couple cucumbers every few days.

The zucchini seeds I started after identify the pumpkin mix up. As with most veggie bloggers I am hoping there is enough time left for these late comers to produce.

Broccoli transplants. Even though the row cover keeps the cabbage butterflies off it does not stop slugs from munching away. They do seem to rebound well from there grazing.

Brussel Sprouts, Celery & Broccoli. The celery has grown well but I really don't like celery unless it is in stew or soup. I don't eat stew or soup unitl the fall & winter so this is kind of a waste of space. It is also a great host from ear wigs which eat the inner flesh of the celery. Next year I will not be growing celery.

Aww aren't they sweet looking and quiet, the best time of the day! The cats really have not been that bad though. Asides from feet attacking & towel attacking well folding to name a few they are entertaining to watch and nice to pet.

I will be posting this week about what I have been harvesting lately as well as a recipe for raw sauce. It is a tomato, pepper, onion relish that is jarred & processed for safe keeping. It is very good on hamburgers and is a great use from the excess tomatoes this time of year.


  1. Thanks for visiting. I have found the same with my broccoli, in that it quickly recovers from damage once you protect it from pests. Last year I thought I had lost the whole lot over Winter from pigeons, and it just grew new leaves and bounced back. Looking forward to your tomato post.

  2. Hi Dan, Soup is best for the fall and winter, but I also love eating soup year round. It's great when you are sick. I wonder if you could chop up the celery and freeze it for the winter?

    Those cucumbers really do love to climb, don't they?

    Also, I had no idea how huge Brussels sprouts and broccoli get! Crazy.

  3. Dan,

    It's great to see how you use the limited space you have so efficiently.

    Your brussels sprouts look huge compared to mine. Must be a different variety.


  4. Looking good! Rubbing cats keep your blood pressure low, so they say, I have two and dont think the blood pressure is low when scooping the liter box or cleaning up a furball... lol....

    I made a pot of soup about two weeks ago and we ate half of it and froze the rest for a quick meal when needed. Soup is good for the soul year round, but then again so are cats they say... lol...

    I do like the way in which you utilize your space...

  5. matron - I had pigeons nesting in the old chimney above the veggie garden a few years ago, glade they are gone after hearing that. I will start the raw sauce today or tomorrow so I will have it up by the end of the weekend.

    dp - maybe I can freeze some, I could freeze celery, onion & carrots together for a base for stew and soup.

    Emily - They are pretty big brussels sprout plants. I started them from nursery bought transplants so I am not sure of the variety. They grew 1.5 feet from may to july and then shot up another 1.5 feet in august.

    skeeter - I think they do lower blood pressure most days. The bad cat days thought you would have to rub until the fur came off to lower that kind of pressure! haha

    I laid out the beds about 2 feet from the shade line that the hedge casts. Next spring I am thinking of adding another raised bed along the really skinny part at the top as well as one small bed in front of each pair of beds at the bottom.

  6. Your garden really looks great. That cucumber vine is awesome!

    I can't wait to plant broccoli...too hot out here in California right now.

  7. parsec - Thanks for stopping by. This is the second crop of broccoli for me this year and a bit of an experiment. We have had pretty mild fall seasons lately so it should have no problem developing. Fingers crossed.