Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harvest Recap

Today I am doing a recap of harvests since my last Harvest Monday post. The garden is doing well overall, it is certainly liking all the heat we have had this year. The stars of the show are Tomatoes and Cucumbers! They have been coming on fast. The only warm season crop that I am still waiting on is beans. I should have some Dragon Tongue beans this week but the pole beans are just starting to flower now. Photos follow:

Harvested today, Kellogg's Breakfast, Giant Belgium, Pink Berkley Tie Dye 
and a bunch of Better Boy tomatoes. 

Also today, a bunch of slicing cucumbers & Sungold cherries.

Slicing cucumbers, Sungold cherries & Better Boy tomato.

I harvested these broccoli side shouts a few weeks ago. They all
went in the compost because the heat made them taste awful.

Slicing cucumbers and a big zucchini. This was the last 
zucchini because the plant shriveled up and died shortly after.

These two were the first full sized tomatoes of the season on July 16th.
They are Better Boy tomatoes and they turned out to be really good. 
I picked the plant up on a whim at the nursery and I am glade I did.

More slicing cucumbers and zucchini.... 

On another note, is it just me or is this new post creator really buggy and annoying? The photos seem to not like to move and it is close to impossible to place text below photos. Any trick for getting around this?


  1. My tomatoes have really suffered with the wet Summer here, no heat to speak of. Lovely to see your tomatoes, much better than mine.
    Yes, I don't like the new post creator either.

  2. I'm the odd one-I like the new creator-I couldn't get the pictures to move at all on the old one, so I'm thrilled--but I'm also technologically impaired, so maybe this one is for dummies (me)??
    Anyway-your harvests look great. I wish my tomatoes would start to ripen. I'm drowning in beans-please feel free to come steal mine!

  3. Nothing taste as good as your very own harvest. They look so good - like from a gourmet grocery.

    If you right click and click 'add captions' you can get the captions just below the image. However, I don't do this as the images will then move right or left, and hardly at the centre where I want them to be.

  4. Beautiful harvests. And I hate the new creator too. I stay in the html mode. If I go into the compose mode it changes all my html and totally messes things up. But if I never go into it then I can do what I want.

  5. I have missed your beautiful photos so glad you are having some great harvests from your garden. I too am finding that creating a post in Blogger is very difficult. I always need to go into html mode to strip the formatting that compose mode seems to randomly add to my text. I guess you will just have to post more to get used to it :)

  6. Hi there, you can click on your photos and an option comes up to add a caption which is the way I do it to label my pics. Photos are also drag able" which is an easy function to use. There are some other glitches but I hope this helps.
    South Africa

  7. Lovely Dan ! I'm jealous of your cukes. My Curbs are having a hard time this season. Too bad about your brocc, it looked so nice !! I shift back and forth from compose to html to fix whatever creator can't handle.

  8. Love this season, the harvest is starting to come. My beans are flowering as well. Love your tomatoes. Mine are still green.

  9. Can't help you on the blogger editor issues - I have my own to deal with on my Webs hosting service! LOL!

    Beautiful harvests and glad to see you back posting. Have missed you. It sounds like you have been in the heat wave area too like so many gardeners in the central and eastern regions.

  10. Wow, what beautiful tomatoes! I had a bad tomato year this year. Lots of blossom end rot, and everything dying off early. Love the pink tie dye!

  11. Those bigger boy tomatoes look wonderful! Sungold wins hands down on the taste test every time. I don't like the new Blogger look either!