Monday, August 16, 2010

Harvest Monday

The first potatoes of the season. The plants are just starting
to die back, lots of spuds coming soon.

More dry beans. The dry bush beans are finished up now.
Now the dry pole beans are starting to come in, they are
just loaded with pods.

A few cucumbers and more snap beans. The snap beans
have not given up yet but I am starting to give up eating
them. I think some blanching & freezing is in order now.

To wrap things up there is hope the tomatoes will ripen this
season. This is a Velvet Red just starting to turn. There also
are a couple larger tomatoes faintly turning. Next season I need
more early tomatoes and less big heirlooms. Most varieties
this season are 80 plus days to harvest, to long!


  1. Congratulations on the first potatoes! They look very healthy and good-sized. And your cucumber are looking very un-retarded this week! :-)

    I can relate to your wanting to grow fewer big heirlooms, although the ones I've seen pictures of on other people's blogs do look really amazing. When I picked out seeds for my first-year planting this year, I looked for pretty pictures on the envelopes and also for ones with the shortest days to harvest. Even 60 days sound like a long time when you're an impatient first-year gardener like I am!

  2. The potatoes look lovely! Much better than my poor scabby things did this year (they tasted good, though).

    My heirlooms are really coming on strong now. I'm just the opposite of you, I'm about to rip out my small tomatoes and just harvest the large heirlooms. except for that one you sent that was supposed to be a CP. It's amazing, it just pumps out tomatoes faster than I can pick them. The fruits are quite small, with lots of seeds and gel, but they are making the best tomato juice ever! It's overtaking half the tomato bed though, I can't even find my Kellogg's Breakfast.

  3. The potatoes look great! I've pulled most of our plants, however, I have like 4 left in the garden that haven't completely died back so I'm going to wait a bit longer. I am so impatient with Tomatoes too.

  4. The potatoes are beautiful. I'm getting rather sick of my beans right now as well. They produce like crazy. I hope your tomatoes start coming in more rapidly soon.

  5. Long maturing tomatoes are a fools errand in my growing climate. I need fast maturing and parthenacarpic varieties that will set fruit even in cool temps. Some year's I can get away with a slightly longer maturity tomato but this was definitely NOT the year for that. I am regretting not planting some Legends this year as they reliably produce large but early tomatoes. I am rotating them back in next year. I tried a new paste tomato as well and am quite unhappy with it as well (Oroma) so I am going back to a tried and true variety that I know performs as well as one can in my growing region and climate.

    The good news is that my Cherokee Purple tomatoes grown from seed you provided are healthy and fruiting. The fruits are small at this point though so I am not sure if they will make it to the finish line this year but I have reason to hope they will.

  6. Your potatoes look great. And those beans are as beautiful as ever. My green beans are just starting to come in so I'm not tired of eating them yet.

    I try to grow early tomatoes also since summer here tends to be cool and the average tomato doesn't set well and takes forever to ripen. Gigantesque and Katja are two varieties that are doing really well for me, they started ripening weeks ago. The rest of the varieties that I'm growing are either just starting to produce ripe tomatoes or are still green rocks.

  7. That's my main problem with tomatoes. I get so excited to see all the types, I lose track of my mind, and forget how short our growing season is here. Next year, lots of early plants!

  8. Gorgeous shot of those beans! The colors look so beautiful next to each other.

  9. I think it's awesome that you do dry beans every year. It's unheard of in these parts.

  10. Oh what pretty beans. I so love the look of dried beans. I know what you mean about tomatoes. I rarely will try to grow a variety that is longer than 75 days. Usually I like the ones that are in the 60s and low 70s as they just won't set here in normal years. The Cherokee Purple that you sent was really pushing it for me, but I wanted to see what it tasted like. I love it. But in a normal year I wonder if it will produce. This year is great though. So far it has produced over 10lbs and has been the heaviest producer. And there is lots of fruit still on the vine.

  11. Dan, the potatoes look great...we dug a few of ours last week and they were soooo good. Store potatoes can't even come close to that home grown flavor.

  12. Nice potatoes! I need to dig up my main crop soon.

    Congrats on the ripening tomato.

  13. I hear ya Dan. My earlies always cheer me up and give me a glimpse of the tomato tasties to come. I half winter sowed (indoor/outdoor) Arctic Queen this year and had a very early harvest.

  14. Great harvest Dan. I've posted you some salmon flowered peas this week. If you have some spare Berkeley tie dye seeds I'd love to swap! xxx

  15. You can tell from the lupulin glands that your hops were really healthy. Great harvest. I hope you put them to good use.