Monday, August 2, 2010

Harvest Monday Catch Up

Been on a bit of a blogging hiatus so this post includes harvests from the past two weeks. The garden has been producing well but I am still waiting on the majority of tomatoes. The cucumbers and peppers seem to be lagging as well this year. Looks like there will be a bumper crop of warm season veggies late this summer. Here are photos of most things harvested lately:

The first two tomatoes came in last week. These are from the early sown Siletz plant. As soon as they started to turn I brought them in to ripen on the window sill. Last season the critters got the first tomatoes, not this year! They tasted excellent.

Snap Beans
Above we have Purple Podded poles & Dragon Tongue beans, both have been producing well still. The only ones missing are the green pole beans. They have been on a break but are flowering well now.

Dry Beans

Lets start with the first bean photo shall we. The black beans are Trail of Tears, grown from seed shared by Daphne. They are a pole bean and are the first pole variety to produce beans. The raspberry coloured beans beside them are Vermont Cranberry, a bush variety. They are grown from seed I saved last fall.

The lower photo includes Soldier beans on the left, grown from seed shared by Kath. They are a bush variety and very productive. On the right are Tiger's Eye Beans. Also a bush variety but not nearly as productive.

Bottle Onions

Red Long of Tropea Onions
(seed shared by Daphne)

Utah Sweet Spanish Onions

Assorted tiny onions.

All the onions came in today. Like the last two seasons they are rather small. Storage onions are typically not all the big but these are half the size they should be. One that did stand out was the Bottle onions. They are like a long shallot and grew quite well. If they taste good I think I may only grow them next season as a storage onion. They are reported the be a really good keeper.


  1. Wow, those purple beans are so pretty! How do they taste?

  2. Those purple beans almost glow in the dark! Stunning colors on those and the dried beans. Almost too pretty to eat - almost.

    I am having another less than spectacular onion year too (again). Not sure why this is happening as I had good success with them in this garden up until the past two years and have not really changed anything that I can identify. Only thing I think is that maybe I am not getting enough nitrogen to them early in the growing season. Regardless, they are perfectly useable - just not very large.

  3. Bountiful Harvest! I love the colors of the dry beans. I think I may get brave and try growing some next year! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like you've been harvesting like crazy! Seems that several people have smaller onions than expected this year on both sides of the Atlantic...

  5. Lovely beans - ours are only just producing. I'm drying peas for seed though!

  6. I've never dried beans to eat just eaten fresh or frozen complete beans. Maybe I should try!

  7. Dan, your onions look like giants compared to mine! I think that I'm going to harvest some of the potato onions today and see how they are doing. I guess that I am going to have to buy some storage onions from a local organic grower.

  8. Those are some nice looking beans ya got there. It's great that you finally got the first ripe tomatoes of the year...

  9. Your beans are gorgeous- I just love all the different colors and textures. *sigh* beans...

    I have that problem with onions every year. I've never been able to get them to size up properly. Oh well- they still taste good!

  10. Great harvest ! The beans are just gorgeous ! and that's a fine crop of onions if you ask me.

    Siletz has not been particularly early for me. I think Beefsteak and CP will probably ripen before.

  11. I am so happy that you didn't have to sacrifice the first borne maters to the critters. :-) Danged critters.....

    Those cranberry beans are so pretty! I wonder what they will look like when you cook them. And I love look of the bottle onions as well. Next year I'm going to have to try harder to get my onion seeds to germinate.

  12. Great harvest Monday! I love the containers you are using to harvest. I never think about it until I'm out there, then I end up using my shirt to carry them back. Got to get myself a basket!

    Beautiful tomatoes!

  13. It looks like you grew a lot of different beans this year. Unfortunately, that is one veggie that didn't work out well for me. I do love the taste of the dragon's tongue variety.

    Yes, I got your seeds Dan! Thanks!

  14. Congratulations on your first tomatoes, and for not letting the critters get to them first. Your bean harvest and variety is really beautiful and impressive. I love learning about all the different kinds of snap beans and dry beans from your harvests.

  15. Hmm maybe I'll have to try soldier beans next year. This year the beans aren't being nearly as productive as last year. They don't get as much sun so I'm sure that is the issue. I gave the tomatoes the good spot.

  16. I can't wait for my purple podded beans to be ready...hope they taste as good as they look : )

  17. I grew some Dragon Tongues this year too. Do you shell them? How do you like to cook them? I'm not quite sure when to pick 'em.