Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garden Happenings

Lets start out with dinner shall we. Here we have wild BC salmon w/ dill & lemon. On a bed of couscous, surrounded by snap beans from the garden. Wish we ate like this more often because I am starting to get portly....

Back in the garden, the Waltham broccoli is putting out its fourth head from twelve plants. It produces nice broccoli, just not enough of it.

Here we have the next planting of broccoli for a fall harvest. They are 'Early Dividend', I grew them last fall and they produced well.

The 'Siletz' tomatoes are still green. Can't be long now... I keep telling myself :-)

This is the first 'Cherokee Purple' tomato to form this season. This is grown from seed I saved last fall and shared with lots of other bloggers. If you are looking for some seed next season let me know.

All the fennel, both red & green are bolting. Bit of a shame but with all the heat we had last week it is unavoidable. I think I will leave a few in for fennel seed.

The first 'Double Yeild' cucumber is setting. This is a pickling type which I prefer for fresh eating. Grown from seed saved last fall.

The shell bean bonanza is still growing. I am going to have to harvest this with hedge clippers later this season, maybe from the second story. There are three varieties growing here, Trail of Tears (from Daphne), True Red Cranberry (from Kath) & Boriotto (from Gary).

The garlic is ready so it will be picked by Harvest Monday. I only have a few plants because half of them didn't amount to much. Must allot more space for them next year. I'm thinking less onions, more garlic.

I think the hops vines are starting to flower. This is my first time growing them so I am not totally sure what the buds look like. Looking forward to brewing a garden beer this fall!

To wrap things up, here is the first peach Brugmansia flower of the season. The first photo is taken early evening well it is closed and the second photo is taken at dusk when it fully opens. This plant is 4 years old now and always puts on a good show. The fragrance in the evening is amazing.


  1. What a beautiful flower, and I certainly will not turn you down if you have more CP purple seeds for this year.

  2. My fennel (the seeds that you gave me) bolted as well. I'm kicking myself because they looked beautiful and large enough to be harvested last week but I didn't get around to it!

  3. We had wild salmon, cooked out on the barbecue grill, this week too. I'm with you, we should eat more meals like that.

    Your garden always looks so lush and healthy, and your flowers are just gorgeous.

  4. Everything is looking so healthy and lush! The peach Brugmansia flower is stunning! Enjoy your Salmon!

  5. I can certainly vouch for the quality of your Cherokee Purple tomatoes Dan. They are such a lovely deep plum colour inside too. I love them and intend to have seed to share here too.

  6. I hadn't started my broccoli seeds for Fall yet. I am behind!!!

  7. The fennel did the same by me and like Thomas, I did not harvest when I should have. The tomatoes will turn and when they do, they DO. I am swimming tomatoes now and it is mid July. Earliest ever in my garden.

  8. I have been harvesting broccoli this week as well. I got quite a bit of it on Monday night and need to harvest more soon. The second crop of broccoli will be going into the garden this coming weekend - taking the place of the pea patch that I just harvested. I grew Premium Crop broccoli this year and it seems to be a good performer. Lots of good central head production and a lot of side shoot production. Added bonus is that it produced lots of vegetation as well - which my chickens are loving!

  9. It's really nice to see the growing progress of your various vegetables. I read through your post on how to save tomato seeds, and will definitely have to try that myself sometime. I would love to receive some of your Cherokee Purple seeds for next season if you'll have enough to spare!

    Oh, and that salmon w/ dill and lemon looks really delicious.