Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Cleanup

It was a bit of a scorcher today at 34c (93f) in full sun. What better to do at 4pm then clean up the garden... really need to pick up common sense one of these days. I started by harvesting the last of the peas and pulling all the vines out.

Above are two kinds of snap peas, Cascadia & Opal Creek Golden. They were by far the best producers this year. Now that the crop has finished, I turned the bed and will be planting fall broccoli in this spot. Most likely with row cover because of all the heat we are having this summer.

This little pot was planted with Oregon Sugar snow peas. For being pot grown they produced quite a bit of snow peas. Next year I will have to allot some trellis space for them. This pot will now be planted with some soybean seeds I purchased in 2008. Given a warm September I should be able to harvest some young edamame.

Here are the Victorian Climbing shelling peas. One vine did manage to grow 8' high but they didn't fill out much. I think being against the brick with a southern exposure is way to hot for peas. This trellis is already planted with butternut squash which are just starting to take off.

I then moved onto picking the garlic. The harvest was way to small. The grouping above was planted early fall and developed well. The other group I planted late November, it grew but never developed properly. This year I definitely need to plant more garlic and at the proper time.

The last thing to do was pull all the bolted fennel. I did leave one red fennel in on the far left because I hear they produce very flavorful fennel seed. I will plant some more fennel in August for a fall harvest, hopefully it grows better. The garden frog wanted to get in the shot too, the froggy was shared by Ribbit.

In behind the fennel you will see some lovely 'Bright Lights' Chard, grown from seed shared by Daphne. It is in it's prime and now leaf-miner free. Must come up with some ideas for it. In front are a couple heads of buttercrunch lettuce, Surprisingly not bolting. I will pick them in the next few days as I am sure they will bolt soon.

That's all for today. My next post will be on the fall planting I have to do now that I have some free space.


  1. I need to get started on some fall stuff too, but it's just hard to get motivated for it. Dang it's hot here!

  2. You are better than I, getting out in this heat. Everything looks great and healthy.

  3. We have lots to cleanup in the garden too, but won't in this heat! So hot!

  4. I can barely stand to be outside during the few seconds between the car and house/work in this kind of heat, so you have my full respect for cleaning up your garden in the afternoon! Hope you were wearing a hat. :)

  5. Well you won't get any common sense from me. I tend to get carried away easily! Your chard is looking amazing!

  6. Swiss chard is one of my daughter's favorites and I love the fact that we can harvest it from May till November. Swiss chard ideas:
    Sauteed with garlic eaten cold or hot
    Swiss chard Frittata
    Spanicopitta with chard instead of spinach
    Chick pea and chard stew with indian spices
    9 out of 10 times we will eat it sauteed with garlic.

  7. Hehehe 34 degrees and a scorcher ;P Your garden is looking fantastic and even though the garlic is small I bet it is tasty. I put swiss chard as a layer in lasagne with ricotta cheese or use it in baked eggs with bolognaise. And in risotto with other yummy veggies. Looking forward to seeing what you plant next.

  8. I love it that the frog has such a nice home in the garden! Clean up is on my list of to do for today as well. Makes things look so empty, but there's a promise in there of things to come!

  9. The garden beds look so tidy and are just begging for something to be planted in them! I am going to tackle working up/amending the pea patch bed (peas are now removed) and planting them up with my starts of broccoli, kale, and chard this coming weekend.

  10. Having a good clearout, or any physical work on the garden is so satisfying. You can stand back at the end of the day and feel satisfied that you have actually done some work. Unlike pushing papers across a desk all day!

  11. Nice froggy! Lazar (my froggy from Ribbit) is sitting in my oldest tomato patch scaring Oscar away. LOL Every time he turns the corner to sniff a ripe tomato, Lazar stares him down and he gets scared. So funny. Your swiss chard is absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't it feel good to get things done in the garden?