Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seed Orders, Planting & Germination Already

I received two seed orders in one day on March 12, it was like christmas. The pinetree order finally arrived and took about one month. If I had read their shipping info first I would have already known they take up to 3 weeks to ship. The Seed Savers Exchange seeds arrived in about a week after placing the order. I am now very pleased to have all my seeds in house and ready to be planted.

I have moved my seed propagator upstairs and have placed it on top of the fridge. It is easier to keep tract of them there and the heat from the fridge makes the heat mat run even warmer. I have seeded the following:
  • Green Goliath Broccoli - seeded March 11/germinated March 13
  • Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts - seeded March 11/germinated March 13
  • Bonsai Bok Choi - seeded March 11/germinated March 12!!
  • Tauro Radicchio - seeded March 11/germinated March 13
  • Tuscano Kale - seeded March 11/germinated March 14
  • Ancho Peppers - seeded March 12/no germination yet
  • Jimmy Nardello's Peppers - seeded March 12/no germination yet
  • Rosa Bianca Eggplant - seeded March 12/no germination yet
I really can not believe how fast some of the seeds have germinated. Everything that has germinated was planted on a day with a full moon so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyone know anything about planting by the moon? It also must have something to do with the heat mat, I like to think of it as my magic carpet :-) Here are some photos of the little sprouts:

Bok Choi
(will be move to the coldframe once a few true leaves grow.
they may freeze or flourish, its all an experiment)

(will be move to the coldframe once a few true leaves grow.
they may freeze or flourish, its all an experiment)

Brussels Sprouts



  1. Wow one of your plants came up in a day. I don't think that has ever happened to me. It always takes at least two. I have a heat mat too and love it. It makes life so easy.

  2. I always plant things that germinate quickly like lettuce & broccoli along with my eggplants & celeries. It's so depressing to check those flats every day without a hint of green. The broccoli & lettuce germinates so quickly it makes the wait for the eggplants & peppers bearable.

  3. I think the conditions are just perfect for your seeds and they are very happy-they look it.

  4. I think it is always a miracle to see seeds emerging. I don't care how many years I have doing it - the magic of life still enchants me!

    Glad you got your seed inventory all in place and are all set to go.

  5. I find myself peeking for seedling sprouts several times a day, even though I know they just haven't had time! I mean, I only planted them yesterday ;-)


  6. Beautiful packaging the seeds came in! Any suggestions on where to get the heat mat? I think I might have to get me one.. your seeds seem to be germinating so fast!

  7. Great work! I love your propogation chamber. I have to keep watering mine to keep it moist. I don't have a lid like yours, nor bottom heat, just the top of the fridge.

    I'm sure yours works much better. Thanks for sharing and contrats!

  8. Daphne - Germination in one day is a first for me, these bok choi must really want to live.

    Chiot's Run - Good idea, those peppers can really test ones patients.

    Tina - The heat mat sure does wonders.

    DoubleD - Seed starting never gets old with me either, it is so captivating to watch.

    Granny - Well you are not alone, I do the same thing. Now that they are on top of the fridge I check even more.

    Urban Environmentalist - I love pinetree's seed packets even though they are picture-less. I bought my heat mat from 'Lee Valley', there should be a store in your area. You can also find them at Walmart.

    Sinfonian - I have always used the clear lids, I have a short one and this tall one, they are really cheap. The heat mat is new this year and is well worth the 30 bucks.

  9. Cool, Dan! Your setup looks like it's doing a fine job. BTW, thanks for the codes. I still can't get them to work though.....crazy.


  10. I am very interested in your Seed Savers varieties. Keep us updated.

    I love bonsai bok choi. It is eay to grow and delicious!

  11. I think it's the heat mat. I started some peppers a couple weeks ago and we had a little chill come through here in Florida. It was the first time I struggled getting seeds to germinate. That's when I started noticing everybody in the blogosphere using heat mats all the time and I started to wonder...hhmmm...and then after 2 weeks, still no peppers. I think I'm buying a heat mat! In the mean time I'm using my wife's heating pad.

  12. Bless their darling hearts. I find the only way to start peppers is to presprout them in plastic baggers some place warm. Otherwise, I'll be waiting weeks to a month waiting for the darlings. I have gone the heating mat route too and still the presprouting wins out. Normally it only takes about a week to germinate peppers.

    I presprouted eggplants starting this weekend and have my Applegreens showing roots!

  13. EG - Things are going pretty good, still waiting on the peppers though.

    Red - Will do, Can't wait to get them all growing. Thanks for the heads up on the bok choy, in about 30 days weather permitting I should be harvesting some.

    Dennis - This is the first year I have used a heat mat and wish I had started earlier. They can really get things moving along.

    Ottawa Gardener - I have never tried presprouting, I will have to next time. My last hot peppers germinated in 4 days in soil & on the heat mat. These ones don't seem to want to fallow suit.

  14. Hey, could we get a closeup of the Yugo lettuce as soon as it changes colors? This variety is making me crazy.

    Also, I added you to my blogroll.

  15. I have found that a heatmat, or a warm window sill in the sun and not far from heating really does make a difference with my Propagator too. Especially with nightshade plants like tomatoes, chillies and peppers. I have added this page to the links on my page.

  16. Red - I sure will, I should start some tomorrow and put it out in the frame. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

    DannyStaple - Its amazing what a difference lots of heat can make. It can add weeks to the plants growth.

  17. Thats a very interesting post. I have been inspired. Thanks.

  18. Anupam - Glade I could offer some inspiration. Good luck with your garden!