Monday, October 20, 2008

Garlic Planting

I decided today to brave the veracious mosquito's near dawn and head out to plant my garlic. I have stuck a couple clovers around the yard a few times before and it performed well. Now that I have actual vegetable beds I decided to plant a double row.

This is how I planted it:

I broke up the heads making sure the clove separated cleanly
from the bottom plate(root) of the garlic head.

I then planted the cloves pointy end up, 3" down and
3" from side of the bed as well as from the next clove.
I put the rows 4" apart which I think is about as close
as you would want them to get.

After the cloves were spaced, I watered them in. After the
water drained I then reset any that moved out of place.

Finally I carefully back filled and light tamped
the soil so water will not collect in the area.

Now they just need to root and break ground in the spring. Garlic is best planted later in the fall because if it breaks the ground before snow fall the shouts can be damaged. I have read that if the garlic does happen to break ground to early it can be mulched with 3-4 inches of mulch to protect them from freezing & thawing. It is also best to only use large cloves, the small ones will not amount to much in terms of head size. The small ones can be planted and used as fresh garlic in the spring and summer months though.


Well I was out I also picked any peppers that had turned colour. There are still about 6 peppers that are green, it will be nice if they turn but with the frost we have been getting I am surprised they are even alive still.

On another note, I am thinking about building a cold frame. I have been going back and forth about putting up a hoop cover but with our climate I don't think it would perform well or last long enough to be worth while. I will have to be on the look out for a couple old windows.


  1. We don't use any garlic at our house, or i'd grow some too. It's just something we don't eat very often. Those are some very colorful peppers you got there. A cold frame would definitely be better against the elements.

  2. You are going to be so happy with fresh planted garlic! I want your soil-can you come plant mine? I am a bit late this year but soon I'll stick some in. Those peppers have mine beat for sure. Your veggies look good. Do you suppose the redness is caused by cold weather? Any other cool season crops?

  3. eg- I think the cold frame would be better for the fall at least. I bet a hoop cover would be good in the spring when my area receives the odd freezing night.

    tina - I must admit I was a little cheeky when I took the bell pepper photo. You see, the back side is green so I'm not sure if they beat yours. I am guess the chilly nights have sped them along. Next year I have to figure out how to get these thing producing faster.

    The soil is really nice in the beds, its 100% triple mix. I dug 18" of rocky soil out I had, had a load of triple mix dumped on the driveway and wheelbarrowed it all in. Lots and lots of work but it was defiantly worth the effort.

  4. Thanks for this post! You have some solid advice on garlic growing. I want to plant some, but it would need to be in a container. I make a lot of French food, so the more garlic the better. How long have you been growing garlic?

  5. parsec - I have planted garlic a couple times now. Once when I was in a condo and once short after we moved into our current home. This will be the first time that I have devoted an entire area to garlic, previously I just planted a few gloves around the garden.

    Growing garlic in pots would be nice. You could under plant with low growing herbs and have it right by your kitchen. I bet it would look pretty nice as well.

  6. That looks like a nice starter bed of garlic. My wife and I go through it like crazy.

    We'd probably have to double that planting for our use, but I do like the looks of your bed.

  7. Great garden shots. I didn't flood mine. I also didn't plant that deep either, but the spacing was dead on. Great work. You did far better than I. We'll have to see if both of us get garlic in about a year.

    And shame on you EG, garlic is incredible! hehe

    As for the cold frame, yeah, they hold up better, but they can also heat up a bit much and fry plants if you're not careful. My hoop cover just gives a slight 8-10 degree bump to hold off the heavy freeze. Can't wait to see your hoop cover. If you were closer I'd give you some of my old windows.

  8. hydroponica - this should probably be about a years worth for me I am hoping, Time will tell. I wish I planted some early this spring when I put the beds in then I could be harvesting some now.

    Sinfonian - I think the hoop covers would work better if I put it up September 1st in my climate. We get allot of snow anytime from November on so I would imagine it would not work well at the present time. I am hoping I can keep greens & radishes going all winter with the cold frame against the south foundation wall.

  9. you planted garlic..that is cool... :)

  10. This reminds me it is time for garlic planting at my house too!

    What great color on all those peppers!

  11. dp - perfect time for garlic planting