Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Algonquin Park Trip

I am back from Northern Ontario after one amazing weekend. The weather was perfect, good lighting, nice temperatures and lots of wildlife. I ended up seeing two moose, one wild turkey, a group of diving ducks, a couple blue herons and of course red squirrels & chipmunks. The leaves were actually just starting to fall, with about 80% still on the trees, so it was not the prime time but still very nice. We went on five short hikes, one bike trail and saw three water falls.

The drive up was nice, good traffic and weather. You can actually see as much scenery from the highway as you see in the park. The ride home was a little ruff though. Heading south bound on highway 11 was slow due to an accident on the north bound lanes which ended up crossing the south bound lanes, glade we missed the actual accident. Then highway 400 was very slow so we exited and later found out a load of beans spilled on the road, talk about spilling the beans. Then well traveling the back way we missed a couple turns and were sent on a GPS route from hell. After leaving at 3pm we arrived at 9:30pm, under ideal conditions we should have arrived at 7pm.

Here goes the photos, I chose 24 of the 526 photos that were taken, they have been shrunk down t0 2.5mb total so they should load fast:

Wild Turkey, this was our Thanksgiving turkey. She was observed not eaten.

Red Squirrel, not sure if it wanted food or wanted to attack. It seemed to like the camera.

Chipmunk, taken on Hardwood Lookout.

Blue Heron, taken at Ragged Falls.

First Moose sighting, he was crossing highway 60, just inside the park.

Second Moose sighting, seen about 10 minutes down the road from the first on.

Red-breasted Merganser's

Red-breasted Merganser having a Perch breakfast

Muskoka Falls, This has a hydroelectric dam to the side so the flow is very much reduced.

Ragged Falls

A small creek-waterfall on the side of highway 60. Water falls from a boggy pond.

Muskoka Falls landscape

Smoke Lake

A small lake in the Muskoka area.

A Maple Tree growing in a rock crevice. It is amazing the little ecosystems you find in the rocks.

Smoke Lake, view from hardwood lookout trail taken by my Mom.

Moss in the woods.

Rock & Trees on the side of highway 60 taken by my Mom.

Oxtongue Lake

A canoe portage we hiked down.

Perk Lake

Lookout Trail at sunset followed by a hike back in the dark, Good thing I brought a flash light.

A tree taken by my Mom on Old Railway Bike trail

A fern growing on a rock cliff.


  1. Those were some nice pics you and your Mom took. That big moose looked pretty intimidating!

  2. WOW those are great! Now I really want to go to Northern Ontario. I will have to admit that my fav. pics are the chipmunk (because I know how hard they are to take a pic of.) and the moss in the woods.

    In response to you ? on the lemon cucumber, they have a more sour taste to them, and the skin in a little thicker. I still like them and would encourage you and anyone else to try them, just for how fun and interesting they are and look. Most people peel off cucumber skins any way!


    Hope you plant them, and let me know what you think of them if you do!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of wildlife for one trip. Nice photos.

  4. EG - The moose was rather intimidated, glade to have a long lens so I could keep a good distance.

    Organic Gardener - Chipmunks are difficult to photograph. I put the camera on continuous shoot and took about 15 photos of it. About 2 turned out well and the rest just had a chipmunk blur. I will add the lemon cucumber to the list for next year, I bet it would be a good pollinator for an all female cucumber variety as well.

    Emily - We were really lucky to see all the wildlife we did because the park was packed with noisy tourists with it being the long weekend. We headed out just before sunset to avoid the masses and I think the animals were thinking the same thing. We were told by a guy that plows the road in the winter that the moose are everywhere when the park is not as busy.

  5. Spilling the beans, now that was funny. We always run into traffic accidents with jams when driving through Atlanta. argggg...

    Wow, that moose would have had me on my toes! We have deer in our yard and they seem large but a moose! Now that would be a bit intimidating to say the least... The pictures are great and mom did a great job as well. You should get a grouping of the colored trees and do a posting with Dave at the Home Garden! You seem to have a lot of color so share with us...

    I cannot say I have gotten a pic of a chipmunk and how lucky for you. Monday while up in the GA mountains we saw a cat catching a chipmunk. I was sad for the monk but that is nature doing its thing. The cat took the monk to the front door of the house and dropped it. The monk ran under the thick ivy on the ground and the cat was on its heels again. Bad kitty… lol…

    The duck catching a fish was a lucky shot! We once saw an Osprey drop to the lake a grab a fish while we sat in our boat having a picnic. We ate lunch together, now that was entertaining for us. A bald Eagle dropped a large fish near us while a small bird was giving chase. That was on 4th of July and that was awesome since the eagle is our national bird and it was our country’s holiday…

    Glad you had a nice time even though getting there was a challenge…

  6. Dan, thank you for the lovely photos! That was the next best thing to actually going on the trip.

  7. Those are such great photos. I really like the waterfall shots, especially the one with the long exposure. You are fortunate to be able to such vivid fall colors!

  8. skeeter - I just sent my link to Dave's blog, thanks for filling me in. Bald Eagles are amazing birds to see. I have seen a Bald Eagle three times along the Grand River and it was a truly amazing sighting. It is great that there population is rebounding.

    granny - Glade you enjoyed them!

    tina - Yes, it was really exciting. I want to go back in the winter to get a photo of them with there full rake.

    parsec - I really like the long exposed waterfall as well. The area was treed over, it was just before 8am and the lighting was perfect. The fall colours here are very nice, the last show before a long grey winter.

  9. Dan, your photos are spectacular! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful spot!

  10. Dan, your fall foliage is beautiful and your animal photography really impressive. Every time I try to capture a heron, it flies away. Maybe I shouldn't hike with my dog. You are making me want to visit Algonquin Park. With all the moose, it looks like Maine. Good thing those moose were off the road. I'm happy to have found you through Dave's Fall Color Project.

  11. nancy - thanks

    sarah - I find heron's hard to capture as well, I don't think they like the presence of humans what so ever. This particular one flew in about 10 feet infront of me and did not notice I was there.

  12. It was a nice trip, nice change from working....it was so exciting to see the two moose...:)