Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall crops progress and the cucumber haul

The past few days have been rather chilly with the coldest night being 9c (48f), burrr!. It has since warmed up again but there is defiantly a lingering fall feeling in the air. There has been no frost warning yet but Northern Ontario has had a frost warning which is making me think if this continues I may not get much out of my fall crops. I think the broccoli, brussels sprouts, radishes & lettuce will do fine but I think the carrots, beets and zucchini were planted a little late. Either way this is a learning process and if the carrots, beets and zucchini don't turn out I know to plant them sooner next year.

red butter crunch type lettuce

french radishes



two huge & one small brussel sprout plants

broccoli, just removed the row cover.
insects are not really a problem now
so I will just use it if over night temps

I am also going to do up a batch of relish this weekend, below is a photo of the cucumbers we picked up that were grown locally. I really don't have the room to grow enough cucumbers to process so the next best thing is buying them from a local farm. It was good that we went looking for cucumbers today because we were told that this is the last of the cucumbers to be picked so there is just a few days supply left.

The smaller ones are for my relish which are about
6" long, still pretty large. The whoppers are for the
amber relish, it calls for huge ones that are about 8"-9" long.

Representing the size, I have big
hands and they dwarf them.

I am going to make a typical hotdog relish and my mom is going to make amber relish which has the skins & seeds removed and different spices. I will post both recipes once they are completed, this time it will be a shorter post for the recipes, no need to go over the basics again. I have also been contemplating making fermented dill pickles which turn sour naturally as well as typical garlic dills with vinegar. We will see how ambitious I am after making the relish. Either way it will be a good weekend for working around the house, it is suppose to rain the whole weekend and regular gasoline has spiked to $1.36 a liter, that's about $5.65 a gallon for the American viewers.

My next post will be about my wish list for next year, what I have learned from my mistakes and the drawing for the new potato layout. Both for my memory and for your enjoyment.


  1. Your raised beds have the most weed-free soil I've ever seen! Nice work!

    I think broccoli and radishes are pretty tough...they will probably survive the frosts.

  2. Looking great! Some of yours are even bigger than mine. Now I'm harvesting small ones for pickls though. Can't wait to see you do the relish!

    Good looking fall beds too!

  3. parsec - I was lucky to get a load of triple mix that was produce very well. It is always a bit of a gamble what you end up with when you bring soil in. I am very happy it is mostly weed seed free.

    sin - I will post the relish recipes by thrusday, I just finished the one recipe and will do the other very soon.

  4. Brussels sprouts is one thing I have never learned to eat. Love cabbage and brussels look like baby cabbages to me but I have yet to learn to like them. Strange...