Monday, August 19, 2013

There May Be Hope, After All!

It seems after thoroughly complaining about the garden last week it has now started to reap some rewards. Here are some noticeable improvements:
The first melon is developing. This is a Crenshaw Lilly F1.
The Numex Joe E Parker (Anaheim) have turned.   
This is the first time I have grown this particular   
Anaheim pepper, they seem smaller then usual.
The Dragon Tongue Beans are finally ready! I planted
them in late May....
The first Pumpkin, either a Flatso or Autumn Crown. 
I hope more set soon.
Here is the best improvment, the first tomato started
turning over the weekend and it was harvested today.
This is a Cherokee Purple.

Well I am at it, I'll group this post in with Harvest Monday. The shots below are harvests from Mid July until today:
Double Yield & Slicing Cucumbers.
Double Yield Cucumbers and Sweet Cherry Peppers.
The Peppers are not very good!
Dragon Tongue Beans, My favorite!
Numex Joe E Parker Anaheim & Ancho Peppers.  
Both will be dried for later use.
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes.
Double Yeild & Slicing Cucumbers and the first
Bellstar Tomato. They look promising, short plants,
heavy fruit set and they are good for paste and fresh eating.
Developed in Ontario too!
Tiger's Eye Beans. I harvested the first lot of them
last weekend. There is about the same amount still
on the plants now. They have done well this year.


  1. It's good to know that complaining will kick the garden into action! :) Actually, I find that threats tend to work just as well. Yeah, right...

    Things are looking good. You harvested a slicing tomato before I have. Hope it tasted good.

  2. Sometimes it seems like we are waiting so long for our garden to produce. Especially if we are reading all the Harvest Monday posts and seeing what others are harvesting. Your peppers are so beautiful. I am not sure if I will see red peppers this year but at least I know how to use of all those green Anaheim peppers in your awesome Green Chili Sauce that you blogged about in 2009. I freeze it and enjoy all year.

  3. Love when it's all finally clicking together and you get beautiful harvest. Nice beans, cucumbers, gorgeous peppers and yay for first tomato!

  4. I'm glad your garden finally sat up and listened to what you were saying. Every now and then you have to remind it who is boss!

  5. I sometimes have verbal conversations with the chickens when their production goes down...maybe I should try that with the garden, too since everything in your garden looks absolutely wonderful!

  6. Our peppers are setting at last - that melon is an unusual shape.

  7. Beautiful. I wish my Tigers Eye had done as well as yours.

  8. Your tomatoes shape are so unique, I haven't ever seen before. The pumpkin looks so interesting. I planted pumpkins on the big pot in the middle of July. They looks growing well. I hope my pumpkin had done as well as yours.

  9. Quite a variety of colors, this week! Love the shot of the beans at the end :-)

  10. Wow, that is an awesome set of vegetables!
    So many colours!

  11. Looks like your harvest is coming in. Ours has had an unexpected bump in the past few weeks, too, rather than in July as is typical in San Diego.

    How many square feet are you gardening? What kind of irrigation are you using?

  12. Great photos and your garden looks plentiful!

  13. Nice harvest! If you're looking for inspiration for your sweet peppers, give Mini Bell a try. I've had good experiences with them.