Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden Harvests

Today I rounded up some harvest photos. Harvests have been slow this year. Currently the tomatoes are the size of ping-pong balls and I have one cucumber that is ready to harvest. Not to mention the slow growing pumpkins, melons, beans and peppers. It does look like things will pick in August at least. Here are some of this years harvest shots:

Here goes a quick update on the garden: Currently I have two empty beds after harvesting the garlic and clearing the lettuce out. When it cools off this weekend I am going to plant some fall crops. For starters I am going to plant some dry beans and a couple rows of parsnips. Then weather permitting I will start planting some greens/lettuce/kale again, this might have to wait until later in August if it stays hot. 

Happy Gardening Everyone,


  1. Always such beautiful and bright pictures! I love it.

  2. Beautiful broccoli! I just had to take over 16 pounds of veggies over to one of my sons, as I was running out of room in the refrigerator! It seems like the garden went from famine to feast overnight, as I'm sure yours will too.

  3. Will the parsnips grow in time? Ours have already been in for ages.

  4. Wow, You near to me and I had very little head on my broccoli. That one is huge and looks so healthy! Can you share the type/source?

  5. Dan what you do have looks so good...guess the milder and wetter year is slowing things down , my tomatoes are coming along but definitely will be August before edible....