Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seedling Update

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! We hit 23c(73f), I'm in shorts and it sure was nice to feel some humidity.  I didn't do much in the way of gardening today but I thought I would share some photos of my veggie seedlings and some spring flowers in the yard.
Chinese Celery
Tomatoes, started about a week ago
Peppers, started in February
Assortment of Greens, I will plant these out next week.
Snap Peas. I also started another 10 pots today.

Himalayan Primula
Iris reticulata. I planted these as a mix and they all came up purple. I already have a bunch of the purple ones.....
Fern Leaf Peony

Well that's all for today. Now I am off to grill some chicken for dinner, in partial darkness :)


  1. Beautiful! We had a warm day, too. It felt good to get out in the garden for a bit, and to get the seedlings out to begin hardening off.

  2. Such beautiful photos! We are supposed to have a warm day tomorrow. Today was rather raw, chilly, and overcast.

  3. Such healthy looking seedlings.
    I wish I had remembered to start my peppers earlier. I'm lucky to have another 6 weeks until our planting date.

  4. You wouldn't have been wearing shorts here - gale force winds!

    Our tomatoes are just coming through.

  5. Magnificent photos and great looking starts! I hope you enjoyed your day and dinner!

  6. I went out and grilled yesterday too. Of course it was getting cold and the winds had really started blowing hard. The meat took longer than usual since the grill just couldn't heat up as much as normal. Love the flowers.

  7. We should be hitting 20C today. Will be a rainy one though. Happy looking seedlings, Dan! I'm especially envious of your peppers!

  8. wow...great shots Dan... love the fern leaf....very exciting...

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