Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Show & Tell

 It would appear the season is half over and I have yet to even blog about the veggie garden. Please don't take my absence as I have completely checked out, I still read though my blog roll at least once a week. Now onto the garden, it is doing well this year. Progress is slow but that seems to be the case ever year. This years approach seems to be a lot of sticking seeds in the ground and hoping for the best. The only thing I started in pots were tomatoes, peppers and broccoli. I've even resorted to using shake and feed this year in place of compost.... Please don't judge. Now to shake things up lets start in the middle of the garden:
In this bed I am growing Granny's peppers. Late last year I was admiring Granny's beautiful peppers and I had asked if they tasted as good as greenhouse peppers and that I had never had any luck growing sweet peppers. Before I knew it I had five varieties of peppers arrive in the mail. To return the favor I sent her charentais melon, suddith's strain brandywine and a few F1 tomato seeds. I had sent her the melon and brandywine seeds a few years ago and she was really looking forward to growing them again. It is sad she didn't get a chance to taste them one last time. Lets hope I can grow some peppers half as nice as hers.
Onto the Garlic. This is mainly "Music" garlic and if it ever stops raining it is ready to pick. On the trellis behind I have a mix of slicing and pickling cucumbers. They are just starting to climb. Once the garlic is picked I have cabbage, cauliflower and kale waiting in pots to fill the spot.
Diplomat F1 Broccoli, which I started from seed this year. I think normally I would have already picked broccoli. Must be due to the cold spring as this variety is recommend for the northeast. In behind I tried melons on the trellis but they never took. Recently I planted some Cranberry Beans in their place, hopefully they have enough time to amount to something.
Yellow Patty Pan Squash. I never tried this squash so thought I'd give it a try. I'm guessing I should have some squash in a few weeks.
Now onto my Dragon Tongue Beans. I have allotted a spot for them since I started the garden in 2008. They are possibly my favorite vegetable variety! In behind and to the left I have all the tomoatoes growing against the house.
This bed is a bit of a mishmash with, Chinese Eggplant, Brussels Sprouts, Celeriac and Shallots.
The last bed at the top of garden I have planted some green pole beans. In front I tried some Bok Choi but the slugs ate them. I've been thinking I should try something else, maybe Swiss Chard.

To wrap things up here is a photo of the front of the house. I have planted everything in yellow, purple and white which I do almost every year. Currently in the perennial garden I have lilies and the climbing rose blooming. They will soon be followed by yellow salvia, anemone and the standard hydrangea.

Well on the topic of the house we live in the "bad" side of the city but on a very quiet dead end street. Last year we had a foreclosure on the street, which sat empty for a long time and then riffraff moved in last fall.  Fast forward to July 1st, the police raided the house and seized thousands in cocaine and hundreds of pills. It didn't at all surprise me, I was calling it the "crack house" but apparently I should have been calling it the "coke house".  With any luck the trash moves on now and we get normal neighbors again!

So that just about sums up what has been going on around the house this season. I'll get some regular posts going once I start harvesting from the garden again.