Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow'd In

(some how google added the snow flakes?)
 Winter has been a long haul this year and there is still 41 days until spring arrives, on the calendar at least. On the plus side we have started to get some nice sunny days again and everyday we get a couple extra minutes of it too.

The crops in the polytunnel have not fared so well this year. With numerous day of at -20c(-4f) the veg looks rather dessicated. I'll have a look again at the end of the month, maybe things will improve with more sun shine.
 On the inside front I have start some Sudduth's Strain Brandywine tomatoes, Jan 30th I believe. My plan is to keep two of them and start all the rest of the tomatoes in April. Next up I will be sowing all my peppers mid February. I find they really benefit from an extra early start, in my yard at least.
Charlie has winter all figured out. You just stay wrapped up in a blanket and watch the birds out the window!


  1. Google has done the same thing to some of my photos - not always appropriately.

  2. Strange. The animated snow flakes were showing in the thumbnail photo in my Feedly reader too. I've noticed the increase in daylight little by little because of the chickens. They go into the coop at sunset to roost for the night. They are going in a little later each day. I think Charlie has the right idea.

  3. It's definitely been a long winter. I think Charlie has got it right!

  4. I have to agree! This winter feels like it will NEVER end. As far as peppers are concerned, I might take your lead and sow them in late February. I keep forgetting that some veggies are incredibly slow growing in the beginning.