Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Happenings

The garden is just about rapped up for the year. We had out first killing frost on Nov 5th and I cleared and amended the garden shortly after. I think my soil is getting a little low on nutrients so I spread leaf mold compost this fall and will spread bagged manure in the spring. The only things remaining in the garden are the polytunnel (chinese celery, bok choy, tatsoi and shallots), two rutabaga and perennial herbs.
I took advantage of some nice fall weather last Friday and planted the garlic. This year I am mainly growing Music shown in the top two photos. It grows very well and produces very large cloves. It is also easy to locate, I got mine at the farmers market, $4 bucks for about 50 cloves. The red skinned garlic above are Wildfire & Burgundy. I grew them both this year and they didn't really size up well. I am hoping they will do better next season.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Harvest Monday

This will be my second last harvest post of 2013. The only thing left to harvest at the moment is one squash, a couple rutabaga and chinese celery. Now that fall is well underway it has me wishing that I put in more fall crops this year. A mixed bed of carrots and parsnips would be ideal right now, as well some some hardy greens. It is too bad I don't have more space and more sun exposure in the fall. Fingers crossed March of 2014 will be kind enough to get some greens growing in the poly tunnel.
 Here are the harvests since my last post on September 16th:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Harvest Monday

Today I have a gathering of harvest photos going back to mid August. Harvests have been good since my last post but they have started to wane now. Our first frost generally hits in mid October, at that point all I will have in the garden is rutabaga, celery and possible broccoli if it starts producing again. I'm wishing I put in more cool season crops at this point.

I have already started planning for next year, in particular about tomatoes. I planted two hybrid paste tomatoes and four heirloom tomatoes this year. The hybrids look great and are pumping out the fruit. The heirlooms on the other hand are covered in blight, even the fruit is covered on a few. This winter I am going to find a few hybrid slicing tomatoes to replace half the heirlooms. There has to be a hybrid tomato that tastes as good as an heirloom, so far I have looked at Pink Beauty F1 from Johnny's. Anyone have any suggestions for a good tasting and disease resistant F1?

Here are the photos in no particular order:
Tiger's Eye Beans. They have done well this year. I planted them
a few years ago and they hardly produced. This year I planted two
four foot rows and they produced almost a pound of dry beans.
 Crenshaw Lily F1. Smelled amazing but it was not
very sweet. I just don't think my yard can grow melons.
There is one more developing, hopefully it will be sweet.
Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato. Very large, sweet and productive.

Monday, August 19, 2013

There May Be Hope, After All!

It seems after thoroughly complaining about the garden last week it has now started to reap some rewards. Here are some noticeable improvements:
The first melon is developing. This is a Crenshaw Lilly F1.
The Numex Joe E Parker (Anaheim) have turned.   
This is the first time I have grown this particular   
Anaheim pepper, they seem smaller then usual.
The Dragon Tongue Beans are finally ready! I planted
them in late May....
The first Pumpkin, either a Flatso or Autumn Crown. 
I hope more set soon.
Here is the best improvment, the first tomato started
turning over the weekend and it was harvested today.
This is a Cherokee Purple.

Well I am at it, I'll group this post in with Harvest Monday. The shots below are harvests from Mid July until today:
Double Yield & Slicing Cucumbers.
Double Yield Cucumbers and Sweet Cherry Peppers.
The Peppers are not very good!
Dragon Tongue Beans, My favorite!
Numex Joe E Parker Anaheim & Ancho Peppers.  
Both will be dried for later use.
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes.
Double Yeild & Slicing Cucumbers and the first
Bellstar Tomato. They look promising, short plants,
heavy fruit set and they are good for paste and fresh eating.
Developed in Ontario too!
Tiger's Eye Beans. I harvested the first lot of them
last weekend. There is about the same amount still
on the plants now. They have done well this year.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Garden in August

Here is the garden at present. As usual it is a solid mass of veggies this time of year. What is not common is the garden is still not very productive. In-fact this may be the worst year on record (still no tomatoes....). Likely it is due to the weather being below seasonal since the spring. So I will just take what I can this year and hope for a better yield next year. Here goes some individual photos of each bed:
Tomato & Pepper bed. The tomatoes are all green and the plants are starting to get blight. The peppers are turning colour at least.
Melons & Cucumbers. The cucumbers have been steadily producing for a few weeks. The melons are just starting to set a couple fruit now.
Rutabaga bed. I have always wanted to grow rutabaga so this year I tried out a small bed. There are about 6 of them in there. This is the type with yellow flesh and usually comes waxed in the grocery store. 
Bean bed. This year the dry beans have done well but all the other beans have not. My dragon tongue beans are just starting to produce now and the green pole beans never took hold after three planting attempts! The beans currently on the tepee are true red cranberry and trail of tears, both are dry beans. 
Broccoli bed. The broccoli has been good this year. I recently gave them a big hair cut. In a couple weeks I should be able to start harvesting again.
Late bean bed.  After harvesting the garlic I replanted the area with more dry beans. The area is kind of shady this time of year so they may or may not produce.
Pumpkin Bed. The pumpkins are just starting to produce. On the trellis are Autumn Crown (small long island cheese) and Flatso (small, orange and flattish).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden Harvests

Today I rounded up some harvest photos. Harvests have been slow this year. Currently the tomatoes are the size of ping-pong balls and I have one cucumber that is ready to harvest. Not to mention the slow growing pumpkins, melons, beans and peppers. It does look like things will pick in August at least. Here are some of this years harvest shots:

Here goes a quick update on the garden: Currently I have two empty beds after harvesting the garlic and clearing the lettuce out. When it cools off this weekend I am going to plant some fall crops. For starters I am going to plant some dry beans and a couple rows of parsnips. Then weather permitting I will start planting some greens/lettuce/kale again, this might have to wait until later in August if it stays hot. 

Happy Gardening Everyone,