Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Spring Seeding

It appears that spring weather has finally arrived, It seemed to take ages this year. With the cold start I am quite a bit behind compared to last year. I will likely now have spring crops in spots that need summer crops in a few months. I am sure it will all get figured out when the time comes though.

Monday evening I started quite a few things. First I had to replant half the pea's do to some deaths. I placed them out in the coldframe a while ago and the cool, cloudy days rotted a few shoots. I also started some late sown Broccoli in hopes of stagering the harvest a bit, both crown & sprouting broccoli was started. The last thing that was sown was all the tomatoes. I wanted to start them a little sooner this year but neglect to follow through. I am hoping to find room for the following tomato varieties this year:
  • Black Cherry
  • Velvet Red
  • Sungold
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Japanese Black Trifele
  • Roman Candle (Seed from EG)
  • Purple Calabash
  • Hillbilly Potato Loaf
  • Feuerwerk
  • Pink Berkley Tie Dye
  • Mortgage Lifter
  • Giant Belgium
  • Black Brandywine (Early Sown in January)
I'll end with a couple shots of Charlie out for a little adventure.

Look for a post on my seedlings in a few days....


  1. That is a lot of tomato varieties. I'm actually growing more than one of each variety this year as I'm trying to figure out which ones I want year after year. Our season is so short I always have different beds for spring and summer vegetables. I do put in spinach were the beans and the squash will be (hopefully it will have finished at that time they need to go in) and carrots between the rows of where the tomatoes will be (they will be harvested after the tomatoes are planted but before they need all the space), but most of the spring crops are in their own beds. And they will come out and the fall crops will take their place.

  2. Daphne - The sad thing is I have that many more tomato varieties in the seed box! I think my main problem will be with peas. I wanted them on the trellis followed by melons. I think I'll have to find a new spot for the peas.

  3. Nice varieties! I'm really seeing the different climate that my friends deal with. You're just starting and EG is growing squash! I'm right in the middle. Very odd what the internet has done for gardening! hehe.

    Oh yeah, why is your cat walking you and why isn't the leash on you instead? I'm confused... I better go consult with my I mean cat. hehe

  4. Rich - We are really behind this year. I already planted out broccoli, peas and what not last year. I just hope the summer starts out cool or all the spring plants will be dead before they produce much.

    I had to laugh about the cat! They certainly don't like to obey. Charlie has gotten pretty good on the leash now. When she first showed up as a stray last spring she hated it.

  5. I was just commenting on how much farther ahead last year's April garden was! Almost every bed was filled with green, and this year half the stuff hasn't even germinated. We need some sunshine and warmth!

    Charlie is such a beautiful cat. I keep telling you how lucky you and she were to find each other...and I'll say it again.

  6. I love your variety choices. Nice selection! Charlie's looking quite interested in the fun spring has to offer!

  7. That's a lot of tomatoes! I hope you'll tell us how you like each variety.

  8. I think that it is going to be a tuff year for all of us with this delayed spring.

    Charlie sure has filled out a bit! I can't believe that she is Ok with a leash. My cats are in most of the time...but, they would never tolerate a leash!

  9. I'm trying your cherry tom again this year since it didn't work for me in the location I stuck it last year. I'm excited.

    Charlie is such a doll.

  10. Granny - We do need warmth, I think we have had one day above 68F. Charlie is a lucky cat, three feedings a day of vet food and she will only drink filtered water :)

    Holly - I must admit I am addicted to tomatoes!

    Veg Cook - I will definitely do a post on all the tomatoes this summer.

    Robin - Charlie is a healthy cat now, when she showed up she was basically one dimensional. She puts up with the leash really well now. When I first tried she freaked out and started spinning in the air with fur flying. Pretty calm cat now.

    Ribbit - Good luck with the cherry tomato. I am thinking of planting all my cherries in hanging baskets this year to save space.

  11. Charlie is a very nice looking kitty, and I bet she loves being in the garden with you. Hopefully the roman candle will do good for you. I didn't care for the taste, but it is truly a beautiful tomato.

  12. Charlie looks happy outside...the pansies are a nice bit of color outside.....

  13. I'm so pleased to see the photo of Charlie, as I have been letting my cat explore my backyard a bit and I plan on getting a harness. She has always been indoors, and we live on a busy street. She was scared of the outside and I wonder if I should have kept it that way, but I felt guilty being in the garden for hours while she sat inside. It is too dangerous to give her free rein, but I figure with a leash I can work in the garden and she can enjoy a little outdoors time.

  14. The trays of seed starting flats look good - but Charlie looks beautiful! Her coat is so fine and silky, obviously in good health.

    We are way behind here too this spring. I keep chugging along and adjusting to flow with what nature is providing but I hope this is not an omen of what our summer is going to be like. I just had a cold wet summer last year... I was hoping to catch a break in 2011.

  15. Dan you are certainly starting lots of seeds looking forward to how they do this year especially as it has been a very cold spring....

  16. Hi, what a great site this is. I just love your photo's. They are of excellent quality! Also I really like the pictures of your cat 'Charlie'.

    I am a passionate gardener myself and love to take pictures of plants and flowers as well. Our cats love being in the garden too. They get really crazy from our catnip plant.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Beautiful pictures of you moggy!
    It seems that quite a few of your tomato varieties have 'potato leaves'. The Japanese Trifele you sent me is the first PL variety I have grown. I have also just bought a packet of Hillbilly online, they look wonderful and I had to have some for a late planting. Oh, and the Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomatoes are fantastic! doing well in my greenhouse.

  18. Great variety of tomatoes..will be looking forward to seeing the end results. Purple calabash did not germinate for me this year..and my unlucky past with Montreal Melon..look great..move right along and then the blight. Hope you have better luck for sure!!