Friday, August 27, 2010

Late Summer Roundup

Today seemed like a good day to do an overall update on the garden. I can't even remember the last time I did an update or even a post other then harvest monday. Lets start at the top of the garden:

On the trellis is 'Waltham' butternut squash that have since taken the place of spring peas. The squash have really taken off the last couple weeks with lots of squash forming. In the front is a mix of peppers. This is a bad spot for peppers as it is kind of shady, next year they will need a new spot.

This trellis has all the pole beans, both green & purple. In front are dry bush beans which are ready for the compost now. Tucked in the corner is the early sown Siletz tomato. It is now getting a nice second flush of fruit.

Here are the monster dry bean plants. There are three varieties growing here, up 6' wigwam's and then all the way across the wall. They are absolutely filled with beans! There is Charlie in the window, always watching what I am up to.

This is the area below the dry pole beans. Recently onions were growing here, now the coldframe will be located in this spot. Plans are to place and plant it up this weekend. To the side is a mix of fall carrots that are about a month old.

Next down we have fall broccoli, parsnips & lots of carrots behind the parsnips. Mental note, plant parsnips behind carrots next year.... In the half barrel is a kale & cabbage plant.

This little bed has a few fall parsnips in front with chard & celery behind. The dill looking flower is some bolted fennel. I am letting it flower to collect the seeds for cooking.

Here is the tomato bed, which did contain 12 plants. Two have since died from having the eavetroughs spill over on them. Lots of heavy rains this season. The tomatoes are really coming into their prime now. Next year I really need to grow more early producing tomatoes.

Here is another almost empty bed, it only contains some purple sprouting broccoli I planted this spring. This area will house the poly tunnel, another thing I am hoping to get in this weekend.

In behind the empty bed & tomatoes there are cucumbers & melons on trellises. The cucumbers on the left are doing very well. The melons on the right are legging, they were shaded to much by the tomatoes. Looks like I might get a couple melons later in the fall though.

At the base of the garden I have this new bed that is just lightly amended yard soil. The bed comprises of celeriac on the right, potatoes in the middle & brussels sprouts on the left. The potatoes have pretty much died back now so I will be harvesting them soon. I am not expecting much from them because the summer has been so warm.


  1. Interesting.., you grow celeriac for the bulb? It does look like parsley and celery... ~bangchik

  2. It looks very nice, well thought-out and terrific about those dry beans!

  3. everything looks so healthy - mine is looking tired by now. nearing the end of the season.

  4. Everything looks great. I wish I had planted some carrots a month ago. That would be perfect timing for full sized fall carrots.

  5. It's pretty strange for me to see a garden so lush and green as yours is right now, because everything around here is drying up. It looks great, Dan!

  6. I am always amazed at how much you get packed into your garden space! It looks like your new bed worked nicely for you even if the soil has not had the benefit of much amendments yet.

    Charlie is a sweetie. :D

  7. Your still growing so much! I like how you use every bit of space! Up , down, sideways, they are all bursting with veg! Great work.

  8. You get so much into those beds - you must garden with a shoe-horn!

  9. So many lovely things growing. Do you choose your tomatoes by when they ripen, or by other criteria (like colour, taste, size)?

  10. I can spot that celeriac from a mile away. It's HUGE!

    Looking good Dan. I can't believe we're on to the subject of poly tunnels already...where has this summer gone???